Members Meeting June 20 2015

OKMA General Meeting
June 20, 2015
Alexander’s Beach Pub, Vernon
President Ray Spencer called the meeting to order at 12:00 noon with 9 members present.

Minutes from the last meeting on April 25/15 were read by Club Secretary, Lynne Shilliday.
Ray had some comments regarding a couple of items in those minutes – Cops For Kids raised approx. $28,000. which was a bit short of their $50,000. goal. Ray has received more items for our Show and all are stored at his home.

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Members Meeting April 25 2015

OKMA General Meeting
April 25, 2015
White Spot, West Kelowna
President Ray Spencer called the meeting to order at 9:35 am with 12 members present.
Ray reported on our results from the Penticton Swap Meet on April 17th. Some members were able to sell a few of their items. Two new members were signed up. The consensus of those attending was that our involvement was not worth the cost and time. The club will not participate next year.

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Members Meeting Feb 21 2015

Okanagan Mustang Association

Regular Meeting
21 February, 2015, 0930 hours.

White Spot Restaurant – West Kelowna

Four (4) members present and one guest.


1. The subject of overdue membership fees for 2014 was brought up by President Ray Spencer. Ray was looking for what action to take regarding the issue of late membership fees. The general view was put forward that those members that are in arrears should be reminded that 2014 dues are now overdue. President Ray Spencer put forth the idea that if membership fees are not forthcoming then it would be time to say good bye to certain individuals. As there were not enough members at the meeting a quorum could not be held for a vote.

2. President Ray Spencer wanted to know base on views expressed by others members as what constitutes a “life member.” A secondary issue was that if life members are not paying dues then perhaps it should be mandatory that they at least show up for a few meetings during the year. In response treasurer Bob Coombs advised that when the original association ended in the early 1990’s there existed a group of individuals that made sure the existing funds were kept safe. Thus when the association was revived these same members were given “life membership” in appreciation for this effort. Linda Jackson remarked that the life memberships are not costing the association anything to keep them on board. President Ray Spencer realizes this but would like to see both life time members and regular members engaged in association activities.

3. The Watkins Show was briefly discussed. President Ray Spencer advised that he had went out to see Watkins Ford along with Al Rollingson to see what date they had in mind. The dealership advised that they are looking at a period between 15-20 September. A recent email from Dave Lynne Shiliday advises that they were told the date would be July 19th by Watkins Ford. This was supported by Bob Coombs. Therefore it would appear to be best to wait until the Shilliday’s have returned from their winter sojourn so that they can work out the details they may have already made with Watkins.

4. President Ray Spencer advised that Bruce Oslund, General Manager of Trucks Plus in West Kelowna asked Bush Halpenny and Ray to sit on the Cop’s for Kids Board. The intent of the board as designed is to try and get as many car clubs as possible to participate in the Cop’s for Kids to day event to take place 30 & 31 May of this year. The first day of the event will be the Show and Shine with a dinner and dance in the evening. Day two will be a car cruise and lunch. The fee for this event will be $50.00 per person which includes car registration, dinner, dance and the events on day two. The Cop’s for Kids organizing team advised that they will have a shuttle service available to drive people home after the dance. At the first board meeting held on 6th February Ray Spencer advised that car show folks have problems with;

Kids on Bicycles near show cars
Kids with ice cream cones etc.
Adults and children with wet dogs.

The board team advised that bicycles and dogs will not be allowed into the event area. Also the intent is to set bar prices high enough that people at the dance will only have few drinks and those deemed to be on the verge of over indulging will be cut off. Liquor at a car show event should be interesting????

5. Treasurer Bob Coombs advises that the accounts are balanced with sufficient funds in the bank.

6. President Ray Spencer wanted to know if there was an updated membership phone list for the phoning committee. The intent for next month is to phone everyone on the existing list to advise of the next regular meeting.

7. President Ray Spencer advised that he would like to go back to the idea of sponsorship to raise money for trophies awards etc, similar to 2013. Treasurer Bib Coombs suggested that maybe we should have a sponsorship link on our association website for anyone that wishes to donate. The members present were reminded that as we are a registered society a receipt can be issued for income tax purposes. Treasurer Bob Coombs advised that we have to be careful about how much money we raise and subsequently disperse as per the registered society act regulations. Treasurer Bob Coombs asked if the intention was to keep the Okanagan College bursaries at one thousand dollars. President Ray Spencer advised that was the intent at the present time.

8. President Ray Spencer asked those present if they would like to participate in the Penticton Swap Meet on 18th April. President Ray Spencer advises that he has a few car related items to sell and a few members advised that they have items also. Treasurer Bob Coombs advised that we also picked up three new memberships last year at the Swap Meet. President Ray Spencer advised that he would make the application.

9. The Speciality Vehicle Association of B.C. was briefly discussed with advise from Treasurer Bob Coombs that we have never participated with this group before. Matter closed.

10. Member concerns – The result of the 50-50 draw from last year’s car show and shine resulted in an additional $149.00 being given to the Okanagan College so in effect they got $1149.00.

Linda Jackson suggested that the association should perhaps do a few things for members to get them out to meetings. She suggested a group drive to the drive-in theater in Vernon. Linda Jackson and Treasurer Bob Coombs wanted to know if the White Spot in West Kelowna is set in stone as a meeting place. President Ray Spencer advised that at the AGM the majority of members want a set place but this can change if members so desire.

President Ray advised he likes Debbie’s Diner in Penticton as the room can be closed off from the general population. **This morning we had a women walk into our area an plump herself down at the bar while our “private meeting” was taking place.

President Ray Spencer suggested a group drive to the beach at Summerland with an association arrange picnic would be a good idea also.

Meeting adjourned at 1045 hours.

** Due to the low meeting attendance most likely do to snow birds still on vacation there will be no meeting in March. The third Saturday in April will be the next meeting, hopefully all our members will be back by then.

2015 Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting
Okanagan Mustang Association

Saturday, 24 January, 2015, 0930 a.m. – 10.15 a.m.
Held at Brunches Bistro and Deli, Kelowna, B.C.

Pre-AGM Meeting Information

As of 24 January, 2015 we have a total membership of 48. Broken down as follows 36 active members, 12 life members. Of the total membership the following members were present at the Annual General Meeting; [Read more…]

General members Meeting Nov 15, 2014

Okanagan Mustang Association
General Meeting – Saturday, 15 November, 2014
Held at White Spot Restaurant – Dilworth and Hwy 97, Kelowna, B.C.

Following members present; [Read more…]

Minutes – General Meeting March 29 2014

General Meeting
Okanagan Mustang Association
Summerland, B.C.
Saturday, 29 March, 2014

17 Members present and 14 Guests

Special Presenters:

Peter Pehnnenschmidt – ICBC
Shane O’Leary – Capri Insurance
Zach Ewing – Capri Insurance

For full details on this members meeting, read more

Minutes General Meeting Feb 22 2014

A great meeting with discussion on the need for appraisals and their function in a comprehensive insurance program. Mike Hall provided some great information on the industry, pricing trends, etc.  Pelling Collector Car Insurance was presented as an option for additional insurance.  There was also additonal information provded by The Pacfic Northwest Porsche Club, which is a must read for members. For full details on this members meeting, read more

AGM January 25, 2014

Annual General Meeting

Okanagan Mustang Association

Saturday, 25 January, 2014

AGM Held at Bunches Bistro Deli in Kelowna, B.C.

 Meeting call to order at 9:44 am.

2013 executive present as well as 10 members and one guest (17) present AGM. 

President Ray Spencer welcomed all present to the AGM.

  1. Motion by President Ray Spencer to adopt previous (2013) AGM minutes with unanimous approval.  It should be noted that Linda’s Jackson’s surname was incorrect  in previous minute correspondence and that minutes for 2013 have been corrected to note Linda Jackson and not Linda Beauregard-Jackson. 

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2014 Annual General Meeting


1. Welcome to members, guests and visitors.

2. Adopt the agenda for the 2014 Annual General Meeting held 25/01/2014.

3. Review and adopt the minutes of previous AGM January 26, 2013.

4. Report from association executive (directors);

A. President Ray Spencer – Report on association activities for 2013.

B. Vice-President Bush Halpenny – Additional commentary relating to association

activities for 2013.

C. Financial Reports as prepared by Treasurer Bob Coombs.

i. Motion to accept financial reports for year end 12/31/2013.

ii. Motion to waive appointment of auditor.

iii. Motion to appoint ISCU as the Societies Bank and to approve new signing officers (any two to sign).

5. Election of New Directors

– Call for nominations from floor

– Introduce slate of nominations

a. President

b. Vice-President

c. Treasurer

d. Secretary

e. Director at Large

6. Any new business arising from the floor.

7. Conclusion of the AGM – motion to adjourn.

Meeting Minutes October 26, 2013


Okanagan Mustang and Fords Association Meeting

Debbie’s Diner, Penticton, B.C.

0930 -1135 hours, Saturday, 26 October, 2013


Members present                               Guest 

Mark & Carol Oakley                                         

Bob Coombs                                          Dave Susick


Bush Halpenny                                      Gladys Halpenny

Ray Spencer


  1. Association President Ray Spencer asked Vice-President to give a short synopsis of our last meeting (11 September 2013).  Following items recapped;
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